Place setting projected on table top from webcam feed

Rich White is installing the “Made Real” Show at Furtherfield that is opening at the end of the month.

Friday he was setting up the projections for the other exhibitions in the show and that was my day to get help in installing the projector and webcam for the TDP that will run along the show.

It was also the first day I was able to try to see if 6 people in the projection was feasible. I had warned my new intern Brittany to wear comfortable clothes.

In the morning, we set up on the floor to see if we could determine the height of the camera and projector. The webcam we were able to get but the projector we couldn’t get high enough.

Testing to see if 6 people can fit under webcam.... answer no.

Also, determined that it would have to be reduced to 4 people. 6 was not going to read with the resolution of the equipment we have.

At the end of the day, Rich was able to work with me on installing the two elements. I ended up doing it the wrong way around. I had him install the webcam first because I knew those measurements.

Rich White unmounting existing projector for TDP setup

When we got the projector, we realized it had to be higher than the ceiling would allow for current webcam view.

Rich then installed the projector at the top of the ceiling. The position was also dictated by where there were stud support for mounting the projector. He also wedged the projector to get it to line up with the webcam.

The final setup of projector at ceiling and webcam

Then we setup the table under the projector. The webcam was then positioned over the placesetting to get a lifesize replicate of the table setup out of the projector.

We have split screen - physical placesetting and projected one

I won’t get the full bodies of the projected people but a good setup of the place setting and hands and arms. Depending on how much people lean into the camera space.

As Rich was mounting the projector at the top of the ceiling, I realized that one didn’t have a remote. I had been using it since it was already setup for vertical mounting from the previous show.

We got the model number and Alex ordered a remote, Hopefully it will work or I will have to be climbing a rickety ladder to turn it off and on. Ugh… I hate heights.

We have life size place setting beaming - Thanks Rich

Thanks to Rich for getting the setup to happen!