I attended Tom Corby’s 3rd Workshop in his Data Landscape series. The interesting part for my project was the skyping in of one of the speakers. Nicola Triscott, The Arts Catalyst, had foot surgery so we skyped her into the meeting. While we had webcam and we could see each other, there was only one projector and screen. So when it came to the presentations, she was covered up. She didn’t mute her side so we could hear her typing and coughing. At first, I was going to ask if she would mute her side but then realized she did that she would disappear completely. She didn’t engage in any of the post presentation discussions.

When she presented remotely, it was this awkward dance of Tom flipping through the slides for her. There was problems communicating between the two of them to stay in sync. Since it was her presentation, she did response to questions about her presentation. After her presentation, she left the session.