There are a group of us from my master’s program, ITP, here in London. We have been emailing for months about meeting up and finally we decided on breakfast today. Evan reserved us a table at the Paramount, which the rest of us didn’t realize was fancy-smacy until we looked up directions the night before. So we had to clean up a bit for our first get together. The view from the top of the Centre were beautiful and it was fun to do the 360 walk.

We had a showing of five people. Two I had met in person before the other two I only knew from our alumni mailing list.

During breakfast, Dan and Evan began discussing having dinner with their remote families.

Dan’s family is based in South Africa. They recently got an iPhone 4 and they had recently use the iphone’s Facetime App for their remote dinners. Dan was saying how nice it was just to turn his phone to show them something he was referencing. Also the interface was easy for his non-tech parents to use. So it was interesting change up on their dinners from the laptop based Skypes.

Evan’s family is based in the U.S. They connect weekly over Skype dinners. He was interested in trying the Facetime. While the parents, are comfortable with Skype now, there was learning curve and having to troubleshoot if the setting got changed or sound or video stopped working. He was curious to see if phone was “better” experience than the laptop.