Now that the “Made Real” show is installed, I can return to working on the physical setup for the dinner party.

Ruth, Alex S., and I worked together to reconfigure the space so I can leave the table in place while keeping it functional as a work environment during the day.

Brittany, my intern, and I worked together to adjust the setup to camera and projector on the table. The video below simulate the setup we hope to achieve between Barcelona and London.


In the actual dinner, the projected images will be from the Barcelona diners. In the video documented test below, the projected footage is archive of Brittany and I sitting under the web camera. We did it to get a sense of how the layered effect will work.

We were able to get where we captured ourselves under the webcam and then replayed it back so we could sit under the projector. It was satisfying to finally get to the point of seeing the effect in action.

I am debating if the place setting diagram is really needed anymore. Seeing Ruth and Alex S. play with the dishes, I think having it where the remote people could play with either aligning or not their meals. See How they would play with each other in the space.


I can look at it in realtime by utilizing our group lunch on Wednesday when we have a full house of staff. One sit at one of the table to be videoed and the other group be under the projector. I can get a taste for how much is going to go on if in the future want to expand it out into larger group. Also, interested to finally use the set up where people are actually eating and hopefully stop focusing on the technology.

Seeing the projection in action and the fact that is was decent. I will need to extend the table a bit to fill in the projection side. I was finally able to get a decent chunk of sleep.