Today Hedva Eltanai arrived. We met and chatted with her about her plans for her workshop next week. We will be documenting our workshop. I am curious to see how she runs the workshop.

Focus points
Here are few things for you to think about and to focus on for the workshop. I do this here to save time and hopefully to explain a bit what it is for.

  • find attached a very short summery of my current point of research. I put this for you to comment. It is to share with you and find out if I have missed anything – I believe that your point of you might reveal perspectives and elements that I might have missed. It is a nut shell, but I believe that you can understand a general point of view.
  • If you don’t know these please have a look (these are selected material, there are much more things to learn from)- Blast Theory, Rimini Protokoll1927twitter theatreAnomie(Precarious), LABs (my experimentations).
  • I aim to find tools and perhaps kind of a language that can help creators to create telematic performances. At this workshop we will “ignore” the audience. I will care less what they can see/sense and how they can participate. HOWEVER this NEEDS to stay on our minds.
  • Considering the attached shcedule, Please find a focus point and interest that relates to your practice, that you would like to work on in relation to boundaries of movement and communication with another site(s). What is kind of tools your practice can offer when a site is being mediated/”translated” via digital technology/pervasive media  to another space. How do these tools function “on the bridge” (the mediated area) and how they are being received (what kind of  language they are being translated to)?


  • Please find attached the schedule. As you can see the time is tight and I tried to use as much as I can. However if needed I’ll add more breaks in. I would like it to be in a relaxed atmosphere and with good spirit but also efficient and useful.
  • The online session at 8pm will be only with Katarina and hopefully Suzon. So don’t worry about it and do what ever you need to do.
  • Katarina – let me know if 3.30pm-5.30pm is still ok for you. Suzon – I’m sorry to move it a bit later I know it will be more difficult for you, but it is better for the schedule and the timings
  • TIMING – please come on time. I would like to start on time every part of the session – So after lunch we will start sharp on the time scheduled (sorry for the strictness, there is a lot to be done!)
  • If there are any questions about it let me know.

IMPORTANT information

  1. Bring comfortable clothes to move
  2. Recommendation – bring a bottle of water that will be handy
  3. On Wednesday I left a slot for you – I hope that the discussions on Tuesday will bring out ideas and inspiration. I would like to have also your practical input and point of view. Therefore I would be happy if on Wednesday morning few (or all) of you will lead an exercise of about 20 min (considering everyone sharing an exercise). I would like you think about it during Tuesday and then lets see what will be best. If you don’t want to do something its also fine. The discussion on Tuesday at the end will also address that.
  4. LUNCH – at HTTP lunch break is very important: (a) it moves you out of the screen/sit/room (b) it is A BREAK AND A REST (c) everyone are breaking together for lunch. We will have a communal lunch :). There aren’t a lot of shops around please bring food with you! I will take care of cookies and tea. I will do my best for extras.